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Junior - His smiling face will probably greet you at the airport with our pick up service. Charming, graceful, and knowledgable, he does phenomenal private tours of the city, and day trips to Petropolis at a great price. All of our guests, from all walks of life, LOVE Junior.  And yes, that is his real name!

(English, Portuguese)

Raphael - Santa Teresa has a fascinating history and culture, and Raphael is an expert, offering a walking tour which includes the neighbouring favelas here in the local area.

(French, Portuguese)

Annette -  Fancy a hike in the Tijuca Forest ending with a dip in one of the natural waterfalls? Or going up the Pedra Bonita for a sublime view of Rio? Annette offers great visits of Rio, with a special focus on nature, trails and outdoors but also city tours.

(English, German, Portuguese)

Tom - A favourite of our guests, for the foodies, Tom is a food writer who does a wonderful culinary walking tour featuring outdoor markets, street stalls, local eateries and regional cuisine from all over Brazil. A chance to try all those exotic things you see but were afraid to ask! Runs on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

(English, Portuguese)

Andrew - Conquer one of Rio's landmarks! Andrew and his team of certified guides will take you on an adventurous hike/climb up the Sugar Loaf Mountain. Perfect for even first-time climbers and a great way to get the views that the tourist masses don't see. They also offer great hikes in the Forest. (English, Portuguese, Spanish)

Marco - Easy going and smiling, Marco embodies the effervescent Brazilian spirit! He does a comprehensive city tour in his comfy Ford Zafira and is a regular at the local Bar do Gomes (when not working of course!)

(English, French, Portuguese)

Paulo Amendoim - A visit through the Rocinha favela with Amendoim is unforgettable! He is a local celebrity, and his informal tour offers a genuine experience of life in the community. It's like having a best friend show you around their neighbourhood! Featured in Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations.

(English, Portuguese)

Konrad - Would you like a bird's eye view of Rio, and a once-in-a-lifetime experience? Konrad and his team offer hangliding and paragliding off the Pedra da Gavea, with a soft landing on the beach. They are certified, safe and responsible, and will pick up and drop off right here at Casa Beleza.

(English, Portuguese, Spanish, German)

Cassio- See Rio in style from the deck of a beautiful sail boat :

2-hour: In-bay, including Sugar Loaf, Niteroi and downtown Rio;
4-hour: Includes the above plus the oceanic beaches of Itaipu or Copacabana/Ipanema;
6-hour: Includes the above plus the outer islands - Cagarras Archipelago.

(English, Portuguese)